#MyPlaylist gets me moving – Jamie Anderson

#MyPlaylist gets me moving – Jamie Anderson

Written by Jamie Anderson, Senior Product Specialist, Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness

Jamie Anderson

How do I get my 150 minutes?

I mostly do HIIT workouts and run.

Why do I get my 150 minutes each week?

I do this for myself. It keeps my headspace in the right zone for feeling good about my body, and my mind. It’s what helps me stay focused and relieve stress.

My top 3 workout songs are:

  1. 7/11 by Beyoncé – When I run, I listen to Beyoncé. She is FULL ON female POWER, and motivates me to put one foot in front of the other. That and well, “a winner don’t quit on themselves!”
  2. DNA by Kendrick Lamar – This song is sick. So, when I run, it’s got the beats to keep my feet moving forward.
  3. The Death and Resurrection Show by The Killing Joke – Running to this song is like getting ready for battle. It amps you up with a prelude and then—*BAM*—it hits you in the face for over 6 mins. It’s a perfect song to get you through the last part of a run.

According to the American Diabetes Association®, the economic burden of diabetes and prediabetes in the United States is over $327 billion in medical costs and lost productivity each year. However, 150 minutes of exercise each week can help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes.

As part of Diabetes Month, we want you to share the top 3 songs that get you moving with #MyPlaylist, and challenge your friends and coworkers to participate, as well. To get you started, we’ll be sharing #MyPlaylist entries from our employees on our blog. 

For information on how you can participate in the #MyPlaylist initiative, visit http://www.questforhealth.com/myplaylist/.

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