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A healthier workforce means higher productivity levels, and ultimately, reduced healthcare-related costs for your organization. The best way to stop the flu virus from holding back your employees is to protect against it with preventative flu shots from Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness.

Onsite flu shots are the most common wellness program that employers offer, and with good reason. Each year, it’s estimated that one in five Americans contracts the flu, resulting in 200,000 hospitalizations, more than 20 million days of diminished productivity, and upwards of 75 million sick days. Together, this accounts for more than $10 billion of easily avoidable healthcare expenses.

Why should you provide onsite flu shots for employees?

  • Provides employees with a no-cost, convenient means to get immunized
  • Improves vaccination rates in your employee population
  • Helps reduce the risk of absenteeism from flu-related symptoms
  • Healthy employees are more apt to be productive employees

With Quest, providing flu shots to employees is easy for you and convenient for them. Onsite flu shot events can be coordinated with fall screening programs or planned as separate events.

Contact us today to schedule an onsite flu shot event for your employees.

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