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Rewarding Engagement

Incentives are a catalyst to drive lifestyle changes that will benefit both your company and participants over the long haul. Our Rewards program helps engage employees in their health by establishing goals and rewarding those who reach them. Progress and specific achievements are measured through subsequent biometric wellness screenings.

Year-over-year measurements of screening values also provide keen insight into your company’s potential health risks and future healthcare-related costs. Quest Diagnostics works with you to design the program that can most effectively control your company’s long-term healthcare costs.

Outcome-Based Rewards

Our Rewards program recognizes participants for in-range lab and biometric results, or improvement over a prior wellness screening result. The Rewards engine compares participants’ clinical and biometric outcomes to pre-established targets to determine their eligibility for the incentives associated with reaching them. Our solution enables administration of a health-contingent program that aligns with reasonable alternative standards.

Activity-Based Rewards

We also provide clients with an automated means to score and deliver pass/fail status based on completion of a wellness screening, attestation, or a wide variety of third-party-administered activities.

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