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Positive Participant Experiences

Nothing plagues wellness program participation like complexity, inconvenience, and lack of awareness. That’s why Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness created the Wellness Engine™. The Wellness Engine provides participants with everything they need – easy registration and scheduling on their computer, tablet, or phone; all their screening options; their screening results and incentive information; and even timely communications that help keep participation trending upward.

NEW: Enhancing Speed, Quality, and Experience with Technology

Our proprietary Qscreen™ iPad® application simplifies participants’ onsite Fingerstick screening encounters, reduces paperwork, and improves data quality and speed of results. Not only can participants receive their online results the same day as their screenings, results data is also available to authorized third parties in as little as one day. Now, staff members can key in and upload screening results after participants sign off and complete a quick survey about their screening experience.

Your Real-Time Resource for Screening Program Information

The Wellness Engine also puts real-time access to screening program tools and information at your fingertips. At the Admin Site, you can find participants, their information provided in eligibility, and scheduling status. You can also schedule on behalf of participants and access a range of program status reports in a variety of formats.

Customizable Front-end Questionnaire

Your fully customizable questionnaire is completed during registration so the information gathered can be used to better understand participants’ habits and lifestyle choices in conjunction with their screening results.

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO-enabled screening programs drive participation by enabling the employer to introduce screenings alongside their other well-being programs for greater impact. Prospective participants simply click the Quest link on the client’s website and they are automatically authenticated and gain access to Quest’s online scheduler and their results.

Reach Your Employees

Communication is another key factor influencing employee participation in wellness programs. We offer Reach™ Marketing Services to assist you in effectively promoting awareness and communicating next steps to your eligible screening populations in a way that measurably increases participation.

NEW: Rescreening to Capture Improvement

Rescreening can provide an important incentive for participants. For employers, it offers an option for the reasonable alternative and additional insights to health improvement metrics throughout the year.

Secure Data Transmission

DataLink™ services ensure secure and reliable transmission of screening results data to third-party partners such as health plans, coaching vendors, and incentive administrators with clients’ prior authorization. These automated data transmissions are a reliable solution to help employers fully utilize screening results to accomplish their population health management goals.

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