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Understand Insights to Develop a Plan

Providing valuable health insights is important, but it’s crucial that they inspire action. That’s why Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness offers a variety of reports that don’t just explain individual lab results, they also help employers and participants understand what they mean, so that they can develop action plans that promote healthier lives and healthier bottom lines.

Employers can create a “Moment of Impact™” with personalized reports that are delivered online and in paper formats directly to participants with simply stated insights that educate and will help them improve their health risks.

Participant Reports

MyTest Profile

My 5 to Health Profile

MyGuide to Health

MyHealth Profile

Results summary for physician

Provides historical results

Online and mailed to participant

Metabolic Syndrome risk scoring

Result-specific health improvement tips

Highlights participant's three key risks

Age- and gender-specific imagery

Highlights employer-specific programs based on results

Integrates participant's health assessment data

Health Quotient Score reveals overall health status

*Available online only

Interactive MyFingerstick Screening Results Brochure
Interactive MyFingerstick Screening Results Brochure

A brochure completed by the screening provider during an onsite fingerstick encounter by highlighting the participant’s individual test and biometric results. The report can be used with fasting and non-fasting test panels and also provides test definitions and reference ranges. Online results are available within 24 hours of screening when our Qscreen™ iPad® application is used at onsite events.

Fax by Request to Physician

To promote the relationship between employees and their personal physicians, participants are presented with multiple opportunities to request their results be securely faxed to their physician. Participants can request delivery of their results after scheduling their screening online or when they receive email notification that their online results are ready.

Population Reporting: Empowering Better Employer Decisions

At the end of a screening program, clients are provided with population-level reporting in the OurCompany Profile. This comprehensive report provides rich insights about the entire participant population and unique segments within it while maintaining the confidentiality of personal employee information.

Population health insights like those reflected in OurCompany Profile provide a foundation to help guide planning efforts and decisions around benefit design and wellness initiatives. For multi-year programs, Quest also delivers cohort reports that highlight key trends and significant changes in the population’s health.

Key report features include:

  • Insights to unique sub-populations
  • High-impact executive summary
  • Cohort trending analysis
  • Comparative analysis of key result average compared to the Quest database

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