The Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness story was born out of the need for a quality-minded innovator in the wellness market. With the ability to deliver powerful data-driven insights and provide the flexibility employers need, Quest became that innovator and set the bar rather high in the process.

Today, Quest is the solution employers look to for real change in workforce health, providing a quality experience every step of the way.

Unparalleled national access
Wide range of tests and testing options
Precise data collection and analysis
Integrated and innovative reporting
Customized solutions
Onsite health education services

Numbers speak louder than words.

At Quest, we have the numbers to support our quality claims. As you evaluate wellness providers, it’s important to know the precise data behind quality.

We run a smooth operation.

98.99 percent of our screening events are completed without issue.

We get a lot of phone calls. The good kind.

Only .01 percent of customer service calls received entailed a customer complaint.

If something’s not right, we’ll fix it. Fast.

94.6 percent of issues or complaints are resolved with just one phone call.

Participants are happy with Quest Diagnostics.

83 percent of program participants are satisfied with their Quest experience.


Your employees' protected health information will remain just that.

An investigation will be opened if there is ever cause for concern. In 2015, Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness opened an investigation for just 1 in 16,000 screenings.

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