#NowIKnow: I’m on my way to better health

#NowIKnow: I’m on my way to better health

Written by Karen Kennedy, Sales Support Coordinator, Quest Diagnostics

Blueprint for Wellness® may very well have saved my life—I know it certainly has improved it!

My family history includes diabetes (both parents) and heart disease (both parents had quadruple bypasses and my brother died from a heart attack at age 58).

Even though I have been a Quest employee for several years, I had never taken part in the yearly wellness screenings. In 2016, I decided it was time for me to take part. My numbers were not the greatest: my blood pressure was 174/121; my total cholesterol was 222mg/dL; my hemoglobin A1c (hbA1c) was 6.0; and my weight was higher that it had ever been. What an eye opener!

I decided at that point that I needed to change things in my life, especially if I did not want to go down the same paths as my parents and my brother. I faxed my physician my Blueprint for Wellness results report and waited for the call from the office. I did not have to wait long, as my blood pressure needed to be addressed with medication immediately.

The rest I took care of. I started walking every day. I started watching my diet and I made use of the lifestyle counseling program offered by my employer.

When the 2017 screening program came around, I could not wait to participate. I was excited about it because I had lost 50lbs. My 2017 numbers showed me the rewards of my hard work: my blood pressure was 127/75; my total cholesterol was 201 mg/dL; and my hbA1c was 5.2.

I still walk every day (I am doing 12,000 steps /day). I have now lost a total of 70 lbs and I hope to be at the goal weight I set for myself, have a total cholesterol well under 199 mg/dL, and any other improvement in my numbers. I am also hoping to get 14,000 steps (if not more) each day.

I don’t consider myself a success story quite yet. But I certainly believe I am on my way!

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