Quest featured on Castlight Health blog

Quest featured on Castlight Health blog

This week, Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness is featured on the Castlight Health blog! In the post, Wendi Mader, Executive Director and Commercial Leader, talks about what makes Quest stand apart from other biometric screening vendors and how employers can leverage Quest to implement a powerful population health strategy. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Castlight: Biometric screenings are one of the most commonly offered employee benefits. What sets Quest Diagnostics apart?

Wendi: Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness is an expert in the biometric screening space, screening more than 3.5 million adults and serving over 4,400 employer clients each year. We offer venipuncture and fingerstick onsite screenings, offsite venipuncture screenings at Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers (PSCs),Physician Results Forms for screening with a primary care physician, and at-home screening options.

While there are many reasons to choose Quest Diagnostics as your screening provider, there are five main factors that set us apart from other vendors…

Read the full article to learn more about what makes Quest Diagnostics an expert in biometric screenings and employee health. 

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