#NowIKnow the value of being accountable for your health

#NowIKnow the value of being accountable for your health

By Heather Powell, Electronic Data Collection Reviewer Supervisor, ExamOne

I was lucky enough to be selected for the pilot Omada Health program back in March of 2017. Over the past couple of years, I had been watching my hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) fluctuate. I have a family history of diabetes on both sides of my family, so when I received the invite to participate in a diabetes prevention program, I thought I would try it.

I got the kit in the mail, with the digital scale, and directions on how to participate. For me, knowing I was going to be in a group and having a coach and having someone to talk to and having that support was a big deal.

One of the first things we did was learn about swapping out foods. And the coaches helped with that. They help you make small changes, like swapping white bread for multigrain bread. Before the program, I was a chocolate candy girl. I would have some every day as a snack. And, about 2 months into the program I thought, I can’t do this every day. My coach helped me find substitutes, and now I eat oatmeal—usually with fresh fruit—as a mid-day snack.

One of the other things that was eye-opening for me was how sedentary I was. In week 5 or 6 of the program, I received the pedometer. I found out that I only moved about 3,000 steps each day. It’s important to be active, especially when you work in a call center environment, because you don’t realize how inactive you are. Now, I am getting closer to that 10,000-step goal each day. I find different ways to add steps to my day, like parking further away in the parking lot and walking in place while I am on calls at work.

Overall, I cannot say enough positive things about this program. The nice thing about it is you don’t count calories, you don’t count points, and you actually change your eating habits and change your lifestyle. Omada shows you how to make small changes to what you are eating, and you realize you don’t have to limit yourself, you just have to be mindful of the food choices you are making.

The other great benefit of Omada Health is the accountability. The coaches and peer group are always there to talk through struggles and support you. Even now, after a year and a half, I still weigh in every morning, track my steps, monitor what I am eating, and stay active in my group.

I am so thankful that Quest offers this program to employees. Since I started the program, I have lost over 60 pounds, gone down 2 dress sizes, and have so much more energy! I went this past October for my Blueprint for Wellness screening, and saw the benefits there too. My numbers were going down in all categories. Even my doctor said “wow!”

Omada Health has been a life-changing experience for me, and I hope more people participate in this great program. The more people get involved in it, the more they are going to learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

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