2020 changed healthcare delivery

SVirtual CareARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) presented challenges to all aspects of daily life in the US, including healthcare delivery. The need to social distance, combined with additional strain on health systems, has led to the quick adoption of virtual care options.

What’s more, during the pandemic, many individuals did not complete routine care, like chronic disease monitoring or cancer screenings. This drop in preventive care could have a dramatic impact on employee health, as well as an organization’s healthcare spend. To help employees get their health back on track, employers can leverage clinical insights from biometric screenings to connect employees to virtual care solutions for not only acute, but also preventive, care any time and anywhere.

Why virtual care?

Virtual CareVirtual care options help close gaps in care for employers by helping employees connect the dots between diagnostic insights and next steps for care. By adding virtual care solutions to your Quest Diagnostics biometric screenings, you can take your population health program to the next level. Employees receive trusted clinical screening results from Quest, and are then able to connect with a certified health professional for virtual follow-up care and next steps. These professionals can also link employees back to other well-being offerings.

Virtual Care offerings from Quest Diagnostics

To enhance our suite of population health offerings, and help employers provide employees with the care they need, Quest Diagnostics has collaborated with multiple organizations.

  • On demand, text-based primary care from 98point6® is now available as part of Quest’s population health offerings  to help you connect your employees to the right care at the right time.
  • The VirtualCheckup™ solution from Catapult Health combines biometric screenings with virtual preventive care for a unique virtual care experience to address chronic health conditions.
Fueled by diagnostic insights

Fueled by diagnostic insights

Quest securely sends screening results to virtual care providers so that all telehealth experiences are driven by clinical data.

Convenient care from a personal device

Convenient care from a personal device

Virtual care can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, making it ideal for employees who may be remote or on the go.

Discussions with certified medical professionals

Discussions with certified medical professionals

Virtual care solutions expand healthcare access and give all employees a link to convenient, professional care.

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