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total physical well-being.

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a culture of well-being.

fewer sick days.

a healthier workforce.

Employers face multiple obstacles when it comes to employee well-being programs. Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness is here as a resource to make planning and implementation easy with Blueprint for Wellness. Using biometric screenings to identify health risks, Quest Diagnostics can help your organization navigate the employee well-being and population health landscape to build a healthier workforce, and lower healthcare spend.

What should your Blueprint for Wellness® look like?

Building your Blueprint for Wellness

Through our best-in-class Blueprint for Wellness solution, employers have access to a variety of biometric screening options. Additionally, employers can use our partner physician network for health coaching and connecting employees to the care they need, as well as offer innovative lifestyle-change interventions like Omada Health that lead to employee health improvement.

Identify health risks

Identify health risks

Health goes beyond the surface. Learn the importance of identification through Blueprint for Wellness and listen to one employer’s story about the importance of screening.

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Connect to care

Connect to care

Physician Health Information Sessions (PHIS) give participants the opportunity to ask a board-certified PWNHealth physician questions about their screening results.

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With biometric screening insights, Omada Health is able to target individuals and intervene in their health through behavioral counseling.

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